Rehearsal Information

On 9 January 2024 we will began our rehearsal programme (Tuesdays from 7:30-9:30 p.m.) in Aberdeen Hillside Parish Church (with heating now restored) under Musical Director, Paul Tierney, ahead of our performance of the Mass in B Minor by J.S. Bach on Sunday 28 April.

All rehearsals will be in Hillside Parish Church except the Sunday afternoon rehearsal on the day of the concert (in the Music Hall).


Rehearsal Timetable Spring Term 2024


detailed rehearsal schedule


Recommended Recording

Paul is happy to recommended this superb performance by the Netherlands Bach Society under Jos van Veldhoven.

0:05 Kyrie eleison (Coro)
11:07 Christe eleison (Duetto)
15:56 Kyrie eleison (Coro)
19:43 Gloria in excelsis Deo (Coro)
21:25 Et in terra pax (Coro)
26:06 Laudamus te (Aria)
30:09 Gratias agimus tibi (Coro)
33:19 Domine Deus (Duetto)
38:39 Qui tollis (Coro)
41:39 Qui sedes (Aria)
45:50 Quoniam tu solus sanctus (Aria)
50:33 Cum Sancto Spiritu (Coro)
54:14 Credo in unum Deum (Coro)
56:13 Patrem omnipotentem (Coro)
58:15 Et in enum Dominim (Duetto)
1:02:38 Et incarnatus est (Coro)
1:05:52 Crucifixus (Coro)
1:08:58 Et resurrecit (Coro)
1:12:56 Et in Spiritum Sanctum (Aria)
1:18:13 Confiteor (Coro)
1:22:18 Et expecto (Coro)
1:24:30 Sanctus (Coro)
1:26:58 Pleni sunt caeli (Coro)
1:29:19 Osanna in exelsis (Coro)
1:31:59 Benedictus qui venit (Aria)
1:36:22 Osanno in excelsis (Coro)
1:39:05 Agnus Dei (Aria)
1:45:17 Dona nobis pacem (Coro)


Rehearsal Tracks

Free rehearsal tracks (listen online) are available from Cyberbass.


Section representatives

Current section representatives - your point of contact within your part.

S1 Sandra Massey

S2 Alyson Smith

A1 Jane Kirk

A2 Libby Brand

Tenor James Millar

Bass David Way

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